Thursday, December 28, 2017

Citizens of Switzerland's Chiasso can pay taxes in Bitcoin!

Citizens in Switzerland are allowed to pay taxes in $BTC starting January 1, 2018!

Read the article here:

Also, take a look at cryptocurrency tax havens around the world here:

Some countries around the world are embracing the cryptocurrency & blockchain technology boom. Will major world superpowers follow? Will they formulate reasonable regulate, allowing the industry to flourish? Or will they do the typical Big Brother "Know's what's better for you than you." line?

I think people are grown enough to have control over their finances & it's privacy. It's about time We The People are allowed to speak the language of money. We need financial education more than we need financial regulation.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Will Bitcoin's Block Reward Actually Never End?

Nifty page that counts down until the next Bitcoin Block Reward Halving in 2020. Also shows you expected inflation rate, coins mined, hashrate, and other interesting details.

Every 210,000 blocks on the Bitcoin blockchain, the Block Reward paid out to miners that process the transactions for and on the network, is halved. Originally it was 50 BTC and has since been halved twice, to 25, and now 12.5 BTC.

A lot of people say that the block reward will eventually end, and at that time it will be somewhere around the year 2140. BUT, if you half 12.5, and then 6.25, and then 3.125, and so never ever get to zero. You will always end up with a number very very close to zero, but not exactly zero.

So will there always be a small micro-reward? Or is there something in the code that stops the reward from going on forever, however minute it is?

See: Xeno's Paradox to see the analogy

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UPDATE: I found some interesting reading, and what I think from what I read, is that after exactly 63 reward halvings, the block reward is hard-coded to be 0 (zero) Bitcoin, leaving only mining fees for the miner who discovers the next block.

Apparently, this wasn't always the case. There *used to be a bug, but has since been fixed.

Read about it here:

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cryptocurrency daily volume passes NYSE

 Daily volume in the cryptocurrency market just passed the daily volume of the New York Stock Exchange.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Bitcoin SegWit2X (B2X) futures online @ Yobit.

#Bitcoin #SegWit2X futures are online @ Yobit

I have not had any problems buying/selling/getting my forked cryptocurrencies on that site.
At first I was a little worried about dealing with any exchanges not in the United States, but after a couple months you get comfortable with it.

Just be aware that when fork snapshots occur, trading is usually not halted, but deposits & withdrawals are halted while the snapshot for the fork takes place. This is necessary in order to allocate each portion of cryptocurrency with 100% accuracy to every single person, otherwise you would be aiming at a moving target. Or likely thousands of moving targets.

In order to take advantage of selling off your forked B2X right after the snapshot, you will have had to already deposited your Bitcoin (BTC) before they halt deposits, and your Bitcoin (BTC) deposit must be confirmed, and on the blockchain ahead of time to make sure your BTC balance is in the snapshot.

I am not suggesting anyone do that, that is your own decision. I wouldn't. But if you feel like the risk is good for you, then go right ahead. If you have to think about it, and it worries you, then you obviously already know the answer, and the risk is too high for you.

On the other hand, if you really don't care, and want to gamble a little, maybe you can find a way to make a profit from this. When everyone is freaking out and selling it cheap, buy it. When everyone is freaking out and buying it at ridiculous prices, you sell it.

"Buy the rumor, sell the news." - some smarty-pants

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Lightning Network set to launch soon

Lightning Network is set to launch soon. Tests on the MAIN NET have been successful thus far.

Meanwhile, I stumbled upon this Lightning Network explorer, which tracks and visualizes Lightning Network Nodes currently operational on the testnet.

Check it out for yourself @

Lightning Network is technology that allows 2nd layer solutions to be utilized on top of current blockchain technologies already in use (such as Bitcoin) to provide instant payments, liquidity, scalability, and increased functionality. These functions allow inter-operability between different blockchains.

This would allow for settlement of Bitcoin(and other) transactions off of the main blockchain, until enough funds have been transacted to make the Bitcoin network fee more economical. 

In simpler terms, my understanding is that it is similar to the way a prepaid debit card works, only with blockchain technology, there is not central authority and there is no "trusted 3rd party" to sell/lose your information or money. Transactions are made until the balance is depleted, or one or both of the parties wishes to close the (channel)tab.

Network fees are typically paid to OPEN a channel(tab), and to CLOSE that same channel(settle and clear the account).

Learn more about Lightning Network on their website @

Bitcoin Cash Fork coins added to balances on Coinbase!

BitcoinCash balances ADDED to COINBASE for those who held Bitcoin during the Bitocin Cash fork.
You finally got your Bitcoin Cash you've waited not-so-patiently for!

#cryptocurrency #BTC $BTC #BCH $BCH

Bitcoin Cash added to Coinbase and GDAX!

Bitcoin Cash has been added to Coinbase and GDAX!
44% gains overnight for those who were holding Bitcoin Cash.

It is nice to see that Coinbase made the color green, making it a little more obvious which one they are looking at for the noobs.

Not a single sell on GDAX yet. The price says 3K but nobodys buying even the lowest ask orders. Yet.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Cobinhood ZERO FEE cryptocurrency exchange goes live!

 Every cryptocurrency exchange charges fees. This one doesn't. This is a huge deal. Be one of the first to sign up here:

They have an article that explains how to sign up, if you are having trouble with the signup process:

#Cobinood #ZeroFeeExchange 

Keanu Reeves speaks on Bitcoin

"For the first time in history, the people have a real chance at taking power back from the governments."

"When society chooses crypto over the fiat, the government, the central banking system, the economic slavery that they thrive on, all of that will be over."

"Governments borrow money from the banks to fund wars then tax the citizens to pay back the banks."We can finally end that cycle and give power back to the people, once and for all."

"It will topple the banks, and with it, the global elite."

"Governments will be forced to work for the people for a change."We're on the brink of a revolution."

I have to give full credit to on this one.

Read their full article on it here:

Saturday, December 16, 2017

When Lambo? for 12-16-2017

When Lambo?
Today's Lambo/Bitcoin parity is....
0.0935 Huracán / 0.04675 Aventador

+1.39% 24H!
+22.3% 7D!
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How to send crypto from Coinbase to GDAX

**You must be logged into Coinbase to access your GDAX account.
**Everyone who has a Coinbase account also has a GDAX acount

1. Login to your Coinbase account

2. in your browser's address bar, enter "" and hit enter to go there

Here is where you land on GDAX:

To add funds from Coinbase to GDAX:
Click "Deposit"

This is what you will see:

Click on "Coinbase Account"

Select your funding method. In my case I have BTC so I select that:

Enter the amount to move from Coinbase to GDAX wallet:
In my case 0.0
10000 Bitcoin

Click big blue "Deposit Funds" button

You will receive a confirmation.

It is INSTANT, and NO FEEs to do these transfers to/from Coinbase/GDAX

Now you should have you crypto in your GDAX account! with no fees to get it there! Even Bitcoin!

Friday, December 15, 2017

CME Group & TD Ameritrade launch Bitcoin Futures trading Monday

 TD Ameritrade, the largest futures operation of any online brokerage, is going to allow Bitcoin Futures trading on its platform starting this Monday, December 18th.

This is the same day Chicago Mercantile Group(who manages over $1 Quadrillion USD (1 Million Billion Dollars) annually) is launching their new Futures market for Bitcoin.
CME Group's page on Bitcoin Futures:

CBOE recently launched their Bitcoin Futures market December 10th, with largely no drama except for inability for cryptocurrency exchanges to keep up with demand for volume, and the "safety breaker" set to stop trading was hit a few times when the price soared and all the people shorting Bitcoin got reKt. Yea except for that xD.

CBOE info on Bitcoin Futures:

Nasdaq says early 2018 they will be launching Bitcoin Futures. Story here:

Read the TD Ameritrade story on CNBC's site if you want. Google it, do your own research.

To recap, the main points for the timeline for Bitcoin Futures looks like this

December 10th - CBOE Bitcoin Futures 
December 18th - CME Group Bitcoin Futures
December 18th - TD Ameritrade Bitcoin Futures
Q2 2018 - Nasdaq Bitcoin Futures

For a more in-depth study of the whole Bitcoin Futures stuff, Nasdaqhas actually a pretty decent, article here:

What do you think? Did I miss something? Something wrong? Start the discussion below! Comment!

Coinbase finally speaks on When SegWit?

 Coinbase, the #1 place to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin in the USA finally makes an official statement on when they are going to implement SegWit, in order to speed transactions and lower fees on the Bitcoin Network.

Segwit is a feature that allows more transactions to be stored in each block, and blocks average about 10 minutes each. So the less space you take up with your transaction, the more room there is in the block as a whole for everybody else to use.

This is kind of like the fat guy on the plane using your armrest and splaying his legs out reallll wide the whole way through your flight. Sure, he paid for his flight, but he is still being rude when a certian threshhold is crossed. Being fat doesn't excuse rudeness, or excuse poor judgement.

The different between the fat guy on the plane and the Fat Cat at the top of the Coinbase pyramid, is that for the fat guy on the plane, he may or may not be in full control of his circumstances, to a degree. He can tuck in a little, but he is still a big ass dude regardless.

The Fat Cats at the top of Coinbase can definitely, easily, implement SegWit Bitcoin addresses by sending the non-SegWit funds to the addresses that do use support the feature. They are in full control of their actions.

**Note: Coinbase is just ONE of many, many "trusted" 3rd parties that their business model is as a gatekeeper between a retail purchaser/users of cryptocurrency. There are others like BitPay to name one other.

It's nice to at least hear they have gone on record with something concrete at least.

Full article here written by Vice President and GM of Coinbase here:

What do you think? Have some information that I don't? Comment below and start the discussion!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How to avoid fees on GDAX

Simple 4 step process





Once your Offer to Buy is matched to another person wanting to sell, the order will be completed. Sometimes the price will move the wrong direction while you are typing the price in, or is moving too quickly. In this case, you can either wait for it to stop moving, or just enter something slightly more of a difference, like 25 cents more or whatever. Sometimes it cant move too fast to type it quick enough.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

IcyWallet for visually-impaired

Found this interesting doo-hickey just now...A cold storage hardware wallet for the visually impaired.
Do you know anyone who could use something like this? I understand MOST people can see just fine (although they may not act like it sometimes :) ), but I would love to hear back from you guys if you know someone who really could use this?

Comment below!

When Lambo? for 12-12-2017

When Lambo?
Today's Lambo/Bitcoin parity is....
0.09 Huracán / 0.045 Aventador

+4.96% from yesterday!
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TREZOR Wallet Release 16 (free Firmware Upgrade)

Trezor Firmware update brings new features including:

ability to sign transactions WITHOUT actually broadcasting them,
TICKER symbols and logos to lessen CONFUSION between cryptocurrencies
expanded account details for all supported cryptocurrencies
advance Send Dialog (Smart fees/Custom fees)
Locktime function to lock funds until a certain block time
Bitcoin Gold added to wallet

Monday, December 11, 2017

France to allow blockchain for unlisted securities

France to allow blockchain technology for unlisted securities

So far we have many countries embracing blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Seems to me that the countries that lag behind, will stay there. Behind I mean.

Litecoin passed Ripple!

Litecoin passed Ripple! $200 Litecoin!

For those of you that don't know, Litecoin is basically and alternative coin (altcoin) that uses much of Bitcoin's code, but is much faster in terms of transaction confirmation time. It was at about $1 last year if I recall. It's really moving up the list!

#cryptocurrency #LTC $LTC #Bitcoin #BTC $BTC

When Lambo? for 12-11-2017

When Lambo?
Today's Lambo/Bitcoin parity is....
0.08575 Huracán / 0.042875 Aventador

+11.36% from yesterday!
#cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #BTC $BTC
Bitcoin is closing in on Big Oil (Exxon), Wal-Mart, and the big banks (JP Morgan, Bank of America, & Wells Fargo).

I am willing to bet that sometime in 2018, Bitcoin will take the #1 spot on this list. It may be difficult for a company to move from $280 Billion to $455 Billion...but not for Bitcoin. Just another day in CryptoLand.

When Lambo? 

Soon my child, soon. xD

Sunday, December 10, 2017

When Lambo? for 12-10-2017

When Lambo?
Today's Lambo/Bitcoin parity is....
0.077 Huracán / 0.0385 Aventador

+8% from yesterday!
#cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #BTC $BTC

Bitcoin is more Eco than fiat.

Bitcoin's energy consumption can actually be measured very accurately. Bitcoin 8.27 terawatt-hours per year, only one eighth of what data centers in the US consume. Fiat production consumes about 8 terawatt-hrs.

Read the full article on CoinTelegraph: