Friday, December 15, 2017

CME Group & TD Ameritrade launch Bitcoin Futures trading Monday

 TD Ameritrade, the largest futures operation of any online brokerage, is going to allow Bitcoin Futures trading on its platform starting this Monday, December 18th.

This is the same day Chicago Mercantile Group(who manages over $1 Quadrillion USD (1 Million Billion Dollars) annually) is launching their new Futures market for Bitcoin.
CME Group's page on Bitcoin Futures:

CBOE recently launched their Bitcoin Futures market December 10th, with largely no drama except for inability for cryptocurrency exchanges to keep up with demand for volume, and the "safety breaker" set to stop trading was hit a few times when the price soared and all the people shorting Bitcoin got reKt. Yea except for that xD.

CBOE info on Bitcoin Futures:

Nasdaq says early 2018 they will be launching Bitcoin Futures. Story here:

Read the TD Ameritrade story on CNBC's site if you want. Google it, do your own research.

To recap, the main points for the timeline for Bitcoin Futures looks like this

December 10th - CBOE Bitcoin Futures 
December 18th - CME Group Bitcoin Futures
December 18th - TD Ameritrade Bitcoin Futures
Q2 2018 - Nasdaq Bitcoin Futures

For a more in-depth study of the whole Bitcoin Futures stuff, Nasdaqhas actually a pretty decent, article here:

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