Saturday, December 16, 2017

How to send crypto from Coinbase to GDAX

**You must be logged into Coinbase to access your GDAX account.
**Everyone who has a Coinbase account also has a GDAX acount

1. Login to your Coinbase account

2. in your browser's address bar, enter "" and hit enter to go there

Here is where you land on GDAX:

To add funds from Coinbase to GDAX:
Click "Deposit"

This is what you will see:

Click on "Coinbase Account"

Select your funding method. In my case I have BTC so I select that:

Enter the amount to move from Coinbase to GDAX wallet:
In my case 0.0
10000 Bitcoin

Click big blue "Deposit Funds" button

You will receive a confirmation.

It is INSTANT, and NO FEEs to do these transfers to/from Coinbase/GDAX

Now you should have you crypto in your GDAX account! with no fees to get it there! Even Bitcoin!