Friday, January 5, 2018

Bitcoin picks up where it left off, testing $17K again

Bitcoin's awake from it's annual HODLiday Vacation.
Testing $17,000 barrier again. Up 20% on the week (about $3,000 USD). Actually I have had to rewrite this several times, back to not being able to write articles mentioning Bitcoin that are up-to-date. :)
Top alt-coins reKt again.. except for Steller Lumens(XLM), Monero(XMR) and Raiblocks(XRB)

I would say except for Bitcoin Cash, except just one thing: it has taken a beating all year thus far versus BTC.

On a side note, today I got my first bit of Bitcoin Cash! Some dude was offering a bounty for solving a puzzle about marijuana, and he used @TipprBot to send me some BCH via TipprBot on Twitter. xD Shout out to @bsmith12251960 (Mr. Scatman) on Twitter. I will HODL it until someone else deserves a tip as well :)

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