Wednesday, January 24, 2018

This week's Bitcoin crypto-dividend: Bitcoin Atom (BCA)

Bitcoin Atom fork occurs in just a few hours!

Ratio: BTC/BCA Unknown
Hybrid PoW/PoS Algorithm
SegWit: Unknown
On-chain Atomic Swaps
Block Size: Unkown
Replay Protection: Yes
Lightning Network: Yes
notable: hash time-locked contracts

Countdown timer I made to approximate when the fork happens

If anyone has any more info on this please comment below! I will put it in!

What do you guys think? Me, I will just collect mine and wait for it to pump, and then at that time sell it for BTC most likely. If it ends up with a working product that does something nothing else does later, I would reconsider keeping some.

I will at least try the wallet and play with small amounts in the meantime.