Hardware Wallets

First off, if you dont have about $25-$100 to spend on a good hardware wallet, then skip to ---->Option B. Setting up a software wallet on Android and you can get a FREE wallet like that.

Just be warned all the ones on Amazon are going for up to 2x-3x their original price. Don't just go buying everything in sight unless you're just ballin' like that.


 I recommend the Trezor hardware wallet, and if you are going to be handling anything over $500, you are going to want to have an offline device to store your cryptocurrency on. This device uses a PIN that is only visible on the device itself. You can also add many passwords to it to essentially hide some or all of your crypto so that only certain balances are even visible. AND you can lose the device and still restore your wallet and recover your cryptocurrency. Shred it, grind it, burn it, throw the ashes in the Gulf of Mexico, and you can STILL recover your crypto, GRANTED you must have saved your RECOVERY SEED somewhere safe when you set up your device. 

You can get the Trezor shipped directly to you from the manufacturer  --> CLICK HERE!
This is great because you have less points of failure/hacking. Straight from Satoshi Labs to you. So it is least likely to have been tampered with malicious intent before you receive it.



If you want something a little bit more economical, my second choice(s) would be the "Nano" and "Nano S", manufactured by a company named "Ledger".

Ledger Nano S

The Nano S does about the same thing as the Trezor, and is a little bit less expensive. The Nano does *almost everything the Trezor and Nano S do, but without the LCD screen. The LCD screen is better to have, because you can visually verify ON THE DEVICE whether not not the addresses and amounts match before each transaction is actually sent out to the network.

Ledger HW.1

 Lastly, there is the Ledger HW.1, for a humble $23. Very very low entry-point there! I think I am going to order one for myself to have a less expensive hardware wallet to have, that has a smaller profile. THIS WALLET ONLY WORKS WITH BITCOIN.

Click on the "Ledger" logo below to go to their site.


 Another option is a KeepKey. These are on the upper end of the scale as far as price goes. It doesn't really do anything, at least to me, to be worth spending the extra, other than the added built-in Shapeshift feature. Also, the KeepKey is a bigger package, and for me, the more discreet, the more likely it is going to be overlooked by thieves and pirates. That being said, you can get it for through Amazon, or directly through the manufacturer. It definitely has a cool factor!

The KeepKey is available in a cool Limited Edition Gold as well!

*The KeepKey has a nifty built-in feature allowing the use of the ShapeShift service. This allows you to exchange one cryptocurrency for another, right on the device! No currency exchange nonsense!



*NEW! We have a newcomer to the cryptocurrency hardware wallet scene!

Digital Bitbox features:
  • Offline, anytime backup and recovery with a micro SD card. Native software client avoids security risks of browser-based clients
  • Plausible deniability with hidden wallets and backups.Private keys kept on a high-security chip that prevents physical extraction (50 year lifespan).
  • Tor and Tails OS compatible to protect your privacy.
  • Portable, extremely durable case filled with epoxy and packed with security. Multisig out-of-the-box (optional to use).
  • Smart verification and second-factor authentication mobile app (optional to use). Fully open source. Swiss ideals - quality, privacy, no backdoors.
Also, you can use my link below, and shop for all of these wallets in one place at CryptoHWwallet. If you use my link/banner below, you will get $5 off orders over $100 on wallets, and 5% off cases over $29.

 Conclusion: ANY hardware wallet you choose is worlds better than storing large amonts of cryptocurrency onto your cellular device, using some app! Don't do it! Storing it on your desktop computer is pretty much as bad btw! I DO use software wallets on my Android, and on my Windows 10 Pro desktop, but I ONLY ONLY ONLY put amounts on there equal to what one might carry around in their pockets to get through a typical day, in order to cover expected (or maybe even unexpected) expenses.

Just get a hardware wallet, you won't be sorry. Use those links, and you'll save some dough, AND help your boi CryptoChronicus get more Bitcoins x]