The cryptocurrency world has it's own lingo, so to be an informed Bitcoin or cryptocurrency buyer/seller/ will need to vigilantly research. The following is a list of acronyms and phrases used very often in the cryptocurrency space. Learn it. Know it. Profit.


FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt

FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out

There are certain vested interests that are SUCCESSFULLY creating FUD & FOMO in the cryptocurrency space in order to profit from other's losses. Take a moment to consider EVERYTHING, and understand that you probably DO NOT have all the available information. Since you are on this page, I am going to go ahead and assume that it is safe to say, you are new. So, unless you are an EXPERIENCED TRADER, make your investment decisions with LONG TERM THINKING.

If you try and be clever, to make a quick profit, be prepared to be schooled. ONLY risk your money with short-term thinking like that unless you are FULLY PREPARED to LOSE IT ALL. If you are already prepared to lose on a risky investment, you will be less effected by FUD & FOMO.

Risky investments are called risky, because you CAN LOSE IT ALL.

Often in this space, while all the attention is focused on one thing, there is profit to be had where global attention is less intense.

That being said, here are some more need-to-know lingo:


ICO = Initial Coin Offering

HODL = Hold On For Dear Life
examples: HODLer (Hold On For Dealer Lifer), HODLing

BTC = Bitcoin

BCH = Bitcoin Cash

ETH = Ethereum

ETC = Ethereum Classic

Altcoin - Shortened version Alternative Coin, which just means any cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin.

BEARISH - Bear refers to a bear, which symbolizes price moving down.

BULLISH - Bullish refers to a bull, which symbolizes price moving up.

Mooning - Refers to the price of something not just going up and through the roof, but to the moon.

AFTER YOU THINK YOU HAVE ALL THAT MASTERED is a fantastic source of crypto info. You should check it out. There you will find a more comprehensive list of terms: